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Welcome to Manglaralto Ecuador !!!



Our eco-chic  family  run hotel will allow you to feel the confort of home with the tranquility of a vacation. It is ideal  for individuals, couples, families and retreat groups who come to Manglaralto, looking for a secluded rainforest and beach experience. Manglaralto is located on Ruta del Sol, Ecuador . 


Situated just 2 hours and 30 minutes fron Guayaquil, 50 minutes from Salinas  and 5 mins away from ‘Montañita Beach’ a pleno Surf Point with an excellent combination of sea, best beach in Ecuador and mountains, the hotel gives you the greatest of both worlds - the serenity of our neighborhood in Manglaralto, as well as all the major tourist attractions and vibrant nightlife of Montañita just a 1/4 mile stroll away. Montañita is one of the country’s main tourist attractions where you can find adventure, party all night long and savor a variety of local and international food.


In order to promote its environment, everyone that works here now or has worked here in the past lives nearby. We want to  foster economic growth in the area and we wish to provide job opportunities and encourage personal development for the local residents.


All you have to do is relax and enjoy your time in this peaceful paradise.

At Puerta Sol Inn Manglaralto we want you to have an authentic beach, rain-forest experience that will help  you feel revived !!!

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