Puerta Sol Inn's inspiration started when Paola & Michael Moschel who met and married in New York City visited Ecuador for the first time. Paola who is from Guayaquil and has family roots in Manglaralto, introduced Michael (who is originally from Brooklyn New York) to her paradise. They took several vacations to Ecuador and every time they both felt rested, relaxed and relieved by the calming nature of Manglaralto. Paola & Michael wanted to give people around the world the opportunity to experience rest and relaxation in this special town on the coast of Ecuador, here at Puerta Sol Inn.


Manglaralto Ecuador was founded in 1850 and in 1861 became a very important District of Santa Elena, because of its commerce and agricultural production. In 1904 due to its large-scale exportations to Germany and Japan of ivory palm, toquilla straw, Panama hats, coffee and other products, it became a seaport. During this flourishing time Paola’s great grandparents Segundo Jara Matute and his wife Francisca Gonzalez de Jara relocated here with their kids, established a business and contributed to Manglaralto’s development.


In 1945 to 1969 a crisis started due to the utilization of plastic in Japan and Germany that replaced the use of ivory palm  along with a severe drought that drastically affected the region. During this down time many of the families had to migrate to Guayaquil, among them Paola’s grandparents Antonio Andrade and his wife Ninfa Jara de Andrade and their kids. However her family kept their ties to their roots in Manglarlto.


At the present time Manglaralto Ecuador has started to flourish again with tourism, production of locally grown fruits, vegetables, fishing and hand crafted arts & crafts.

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Puerta Sol Inn

Constitucion Ave & Los Rios

Postal Code 240108

Manglaralto Ecuador




Phones : (593)429-01400